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Schedule of Process Optimization

Any first-time optimization of a reformer / platformer unit will take 35 production days (Figure 1). After that, subsequent optimizations will only take 3 production days, and this only in case of source data changes. The engineering team of CDT-International is ín possession of the necessary Know-how and fully equipped to realize the whole process engineering on reformer and platformer units. The simulation- and optimization model can be adapted to special requirements during the course of process engineering. Schedule of Process Optimization The advantages of the UniSARA simulation- and optimization model can be described as follows: The technical staff of the refinery will be included in the practical implementation and will receive professional training by the CDT-International team. The optimal operating regime, determined by UniSARA, will be delivered by the CDT-International engineers in the form of an operating manual to the technical personnel of the refinery.
The adjustment to the optimal operating regime at the reformer/ platformer is then conducted in the control room, based on the operating instructions in the manual (Figure 2). Schedule of Process Optimization