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Universal System of Analytic Refining Application

The simulation model consists of two algorithms for every technical unit of the refinery. The first one contains the adjustment of the model to the designated reforming unit using the complete dataset and a system of special model parameters, the number of which can be increased without problem if technologically necessary.
Every single model parameter characterizes a specific chemical reaction state, or represents a technical or technological operating parameter of the reactor unit. Every single parameter is adjusted to the real state, until the demolition criterion is reached. The demolition criterion determines the precision of the model parameter adjustment. All parameters are then in summarised in mathematical matrices and then saved for processing and calculation in the simulation algorithm. During start-up of the process simulation the model parameters that have been saved in the matrices are read into the simulation model and used and processed in specially developed mathematical formulas, which simulate the operation of the plant. The foundations of this model are presented and explained by our engineers during a preparatory technical presentation The simulation model process is based on a series of mathematical, physical and chemical criteria, which encompass the special technical and chemical reaction specifications of the reactor unit to a satisfactory level of precision. In the UniSARA-Model model the conditions of the mass preservation law and the law of the chemical reaction kinetics are taken in to account. The automatic parameter finding is implemented in the simulation model and the checking of the calculated optimal operating parameters in the automatic regime is ensured. The simulation model that has been specially developed for plant optimisation calculates the optimal reactor unit operating parameters without interrupting the running of the production and can redetermine them if output conditions change (feed composition, catalyst changes...).

Operational Fields of the UniSARA are:

CR* SARA      Catalytic Reforming with fixed catalyst bed
RZ* SARA      RZ-Platforming with fixed catalyst bed
CCR* SARA    CCR-Platforming with floating catalyst bed
NP* SARA      Naphta Isomerization Process
FCC* SARA     FCC Catalytic Cracking
HC* SARA      Hydrocracking Process