Flare Gas Systems

Since the smokeless elimination of waste gases is one of our main tasks, we have spent years developing quality products to achieve this goal. Our extensive number of flare systems and flare heads proves their reliability under difficult operating conditions, practically without maintenance, on a daily basis.
Flaresystem / Indutrial Flare unit

We offers the following services:

Portable Flare Systems

Portable flare systems for the reduction of emission gases have been widely used for degassing when cleaning large tanks since 1998.
Due to constant further development, portable flare systems can now be offered for almost all types of applications. Typical uses: storage tanks, pipelines, plant standstills, VRU (vapor recovery unit) outage, overhaul of elevated flare, etc.
All systems can be fitted for gas groups IIA, IIB and IIC. If there is not enough existing gas pressure, it is drawn via rotary piston blowers. These blowers are capable of extraction even over long distances. The customer's system can be protected from damage during the extraction by the use of special damper combinations (vacuum dampers and overpressure dampers).
Residual gases under the ignition limit are also burned with low emission and minimal auxiliary gas amounts via a special burner construction.

mobile flare / transportable flare system

Flare Restoration

Prema Service GmbH offers the following services with regard to flares:

Repair & Maintenance

Prema Service GmbH naturally also takes care of the maintenance and repair of the following products:
Side entry mixer / Agitators
We perform maintenance and repair work on tank agitators and take care of exchanging gear unites, mechanical seals and other tank mixer components either on site or in our factory in Bad Homburg.
The conversion to ATEX side entry mixers is performed in our factory in Bad Homburg.
Flare Burners and Accessories
We provide maintenance and repair work for flare systems, flare burners, pilot burners and other components of a flare system.
Pinch Valves
Pinch valve repairs are performed in our factory in Bad Homburg. We install new rubber sleeves in all sizes and grades and exchange the flanges or housing.
Heating Systems
Defective heating cables can be repaired on site, replaced or laid new. We also install heating plates, including coating them with a heat conducting compound.
The application of heating for tanks, hoppers or other system components is carried out in our factory in Bad Homburg.